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    East Lake Sammamish Trail

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  • Beaver Lake Preserve

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  • Pine Lake Park

    Pine Lake Park

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    Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve

All You Need to Know About Walking the Trails of the Sammamish Plateau

Upcoming Walks

Our 2017 walk season has ended.  Thank you to all of the amazing walk leaders and to our wonderful organizer, Nan Gordon.  Watch for the 2018 schedule, coming soon.  You’ll be able to register for walks by clicking on link, below. 

During our ‘off-season,’ check out the new trails at Beaver Lake Preserve.  We’ve posted an updated map.  Click the ‘Trail Maps’ tab, above. 

See you on the trail!

Wildlife on Trails


We share our beautiful environment with local wildlife and more than a few of us have encountered surprises on the trail. In 2012, a portion of the Soaring Eagle trail system was temporarily closed following reports of owl attacks. No serious injuries were reported, but the owl did draw blood in one incident. King County Parks officials believe this was a juvenile barred owl, possibly going after a moving target, such as a ponytail or the top of a hat.

Soaring Eagle Park is also home to the occasional black bear encounter. In one such encounter, a hiker came upon two full-grown black bears near trail marker 4. The hiker, who was not harmed, said the bears held their ground, apparently unafraid of humans. Click here to read Washington Fish and Wildlife information about black bears and what you should do if you meet up with one.

Dogs on the Trails


While there is an off-leash area at Beaver Lake Park, dogs must be leashed in all other areas and trails within the city and county parks listed on this website.  On Ann’s Trail in Hazel Wolf Preserve, dogs are not allowed at all (on- or off-leash).

New Trails

Thanks to Washington Trails Association, additional trails have been added to Beaver Lake Preserve, north of West Beaver Lake Drive SE.  Improvements underway south of the road include restoration of the picnic meadow, picnic tables, grills and viewing platforms.  Want to help?   Check out the Washington Trails Association website at http://www.wta.org.